on the other site

Title of work "Transylvania - on the other site of the forest". Transylvania it is very interesting with a rich history and culture of Romania region. In its ancient history, the territory of Transylvania belonged to a variety of empires and states, including the Celts, Scythians, the Kingdom of Dacia, the Roman Empire, Visigoths, Dark Ages (becoming the ancestors of modern Romanians) Vlachs, Slavs and Magyars. All this different peoples has created a very interesting mix of culture. Transylvania was first referred to in a Medieval Latin document in 1075 as „ultra silvam", meaning "beyond the forest" or "on the other side of the forest". On the other hand, however a region name refers to the seven cities or "seven fortresses". So when I thought about my work, I couldn't ignore all these topics. Seven objects look like, seven fortresses. All of these are the same in its general form but they differ in a small details. Despite these small differences, all together form a coherent unity. They are create a common, inseparable and integrated unity. Similarly as Transylvania. - the mixture of nationalities and cultures.
                                                                                                                              International Symposium Castle Art Park Camp
                                                                                                                                               Gornesti, Romania 2014